Msi 915 NEO PL Socket Intel Pentuim 4

First For those of you who dont know I love msi if you dont know what that is its M icro Star Internaional What that it is a motherboard A motherboard is the main thinker well one of them there are many components on a motherboard advantages are overclocking capabilities for those of you who dont know what overclocking is its pushing you computer to extreme I have done some hardcore overclockng on this motherboard and it never fails "yet" another advantage is type it  is atx case ready. Disadvantages only capable up to 8gb ram but if you have vista witch makes usb act as ram.Another disadvantge is the bios  cant cofigure for some odd reason.

Old Computers

Well Im gona start with old computers
Dell Optiplex GX260
This is one computer For main things like web Browsing I would recomend this to anyone who uses he web  for social networking and things in that nature I think that this is a really  good computer comes with 256 megs of ram minimum requirements to run xp ddr old stuff I put 526 megs od ram into it ran good also had a creative sound card ran great till a power outage came Fried the power supply hard to replace to because dell isnt compatable with certain parts I also would not recomend this tower for intense gaming But I really grew to like it.